Simon Shen

Chinese University of Hong Kong


Simon Shen is an active researcher who has published dozens of academic research articles in leading internationally refereed journals, including China Quarterly, China Review, Journal of Contemporary China, Pacific Review, Pacific Affairs, Asian Survey, Terrorism and Political Violence, among others. His current researches include Chinese nationalism and Chinese foreign policy, external relations of Hong Kong, anti-terrorism and regional security in Asia, among others.

「 The Influence of “Colonial Legacy” and Post-colonial Motherlands in Port Cities Development – Goa and Hong Kong as Case Study 」

This paper aims to outline and explain the different integration progress of former colonial port cities back into their “motherland”. By comparing the integration paths of Goa in India and Hong Kong in China, the paper argues that two main factors, which are the public images of the colonial powers, British and Portuguese Empire, and their post-colonial “motherlands”, shape the integration pathways, institutional difficulties and identity formation. The tension between port cities with hybrid culture and “nation states” which stress on homogeneity within the territory, the paper argues, prompts us to think about the meaning of “sovereignty”, which touches the relations between political authority and boundaries, and how it affects and triggers the functioning and political resistance of port cities.

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